Thank you for checking out Yellow Quakies. We are a shop offering happiness thought each and everyone though our beautiful handmade Items. We love to spread love, wisdom + Happiness through our unique prints that you won't find anywhere else. We Love to work with anyone who has a idea of their own + making your vision come to life is so important to us! So don't be shy to ask us if we do customs because we do!
We are also open to new friendships and collaborations. For any questions regarding this feel free to email us. (Just go through our contact email!)
We hand paint the majority of our Prints. Our little company has grown in ways that we couldn't have imagined, and because of this we are now offering more prints + custom orders than ever! (hap, happy day!) This means more custom orders and more changes in prints! We love to create and make the perfect print for you whether it just be a daily reminder or a portrait of your beautiful little family.

We also are offering our very own hand made stamped jewelry. We are all about memories and happiness. Be sure to order your custom stamped necklace today to remember that special someone or to just always have your favorite quote with you. We hope your experience here at yellow quakies is a happy memorable one - thank you for stopping by!


The yellow Quakies Team

Yellow Quakies production + Design

For any questions email: yellowquakies (at) gmail (dot) com

xo Happy shopping!